Christopher Hall is an award-winning director and photographer who has worked for major brands like AT&T, Amazon, Facebook, Figs, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, networks like HBO, Fox, YouTube Red, Spike TV and VH1, and movie studios such as Warner Brothers, Universal, and Paramount.  He co-created and directed three seasons of the horror webseries, FIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, which was one of the most successful shows in the first years of YouTube Red.  

He also directed over 25 different branded spots for Fullscreen’s AT&T-backed series SUMMER BREAK, which ran five seasons and won the Digiday Video Ad of the Year in 2016.

After getting a degree in theater at Kenyon College, OH, Chris started out getting coffees on set of THE SOPRANOS in his first real job out of college, and then went on to a variety of unique posts in the traditional features and tv world.  He spent two years at Tippett Studio in Berkeley, CA learning VFX on major movies like MATRIX: REVOLUTIONS and CONSTANTINE. He was assistant to director Breck Eisner (THE CRAZIES), helping develop projects for all the major networks and studios.  And then went on to become an in-house director/shooter/editor on Executive Producer Billy Parks' team at Fullscreen, a major digital production company.  

Chris' work shows a commitment to building a relationship with his subjects and characters, making extraordinary people relatable. He goes to great lengths to create trust with actors and subjects, which allows him to deliver an intimate and revealing study of them. Whether a portrait or a visual story, Chris' body of work reflects the confidence and personality of his subjects.

Chris lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Davida, and their two young children, Roxanne and Quincy.